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It may sound like common sense: anyone considering filing for divorce should speak to an experienced divorce professional. But, when word of a potential marital split leaks out, friends, family members and well-wishers typically abound, many of them offering their own divorce advice and in the process inadvertently distracting potential divorcees from seeking legal assistance.

Of course, divorce is typically an emotional process, and the support of loved ones can be a boon to those considering a breakup. But, while friends and family can help you overcome emotional hurdles, the financial and legal issues associated with a divorce should be left to New York divorce attorneys.

Friends and Family May Offer Well-meaning, but Flawed, Divorce Advice

Many people who are close to you will want to share their own experiences and offer opinions and advice when they learn you are considering divorce. Although your intimates likely intend to help you with their sincerely-delivered suggestions, there are a number of reasons why you should generally not act on advice from anyone other than a divorce professional, at least when it comes to financial or legal matters.

For one thing, everyone’s divorce is different. What may or may not have worked out for your sister, coworker or best friend could be completely irrelevant given your unique marital circumstances. New York divorce law is complex, and every case needs the personal attention of an expert.

Additionally, your friends and family are biased. They hear only your side of the story, which offers an incomplete and slated view of the situation – your loved ones’ loyalty to you prevents them from getting a full grasp on the context of your martial situation, an important aspect of your divorce case. On the other hand, a divorce lawyer who is not personally invested in your relationship can work to ascertain well-rounded and complete information and will offer candid, objective advice.

Finally, even though those close to you may be intelligent, successful individuals, their expertise usually does not transfer well to the divorce field. Look at it this way: even if you have an excellent dentist, you would not seek his advice about cardiac surgery. In other words, intelligence is not enough when it comes to divorce: specialization matters.

Get Professional Help from a New York Divorce Lawyer

In 2009, there were 56,937 divorce filings in New York. For many of the individuals involved, ensuring a smooth transition to single life and a promising financial future was as simple as calling an experienced New York divorce attorney. If you are considering divorce, do not rely on well-intentioned, but misguided advice – contact a lawyer today.

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