Severe Head Trauma May Cause Lifelong Brain Injuries

The long term outcome is never certain when an accident victim suffers severe head trauma. What is undeniable is that the brain is complex, vulnerable and sensitive — and no expense should be spared in attempting to diagnose a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and pursue treatment. You want to help restore function, lessen pain and help the injured party live as full a life as possible.Our lawyers know from decades of experience representing victims and their families that a tough road may lie ahead for everyone impacted by TBI. Even arriving at a diagnosis is a huge challenge in many cases, and the costs of care and rehabilitation may be lifelong. While you focus on medical care and healing, we will fight for the maximum insurance settlement or a verdict in your favor at trial.

Litigation Experience Across A Spectrum Of Catastrophic Injury Claims

Our track record of success in personal injury cases includes frequent causes of severe head trauma and brain injuries such as:

  • Motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian accidents
  • Car and trucking accidents including head-on collisions and vehicle rollover crashes
  • Construction accidents, including scaffolding collapses, falls from ladders and impact from falling debris

Whether you or your family member has been diagnosed with a brain injury such as hematoma, edema or concussion, or you are observing mental and behavior changes and do not know the cause, we are here to advise you and assert your rights. Our reputation for earning difference-making results is built on personal, extensive attention to our clients’ needs and the courage to hold any responsible party accountable.

Who Will Fight For You While You Focus On Your Care And Recovery?

We offer a free consultation for personal injury cases on a full contingency basis. The sooner you get our proven New York lawyers involved in your case, the sooner we can take up the fight for your future. Call us at 845-566-5345 or reach out online.

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