Injured On Another Party’s Property?

A liability claim may arise when a negligent property owner fails to maintain a property and that leads to someone being injured on the property. If you were injured on the premises of another party due to the negligence of a landlord, a residential land owner or a commercial property owner, our attorneys at Larkin Ingrassia, PLLC will assist you in pursuing a claim against the responsible parties.

A Failure To Maintain Premises Can Lead To Liability Issues

Common premises liability injuries occur when there is a failure to maintain walkways, stairwells, handrails, lighting or electricity. However, you may have a claim for any failure to repair or maintain a property that caused injury. We are experienced in handling claims related to slip-and-fall accidents and other incidents that cause serious injuries to our clients.

We are experienced with all of the following types of cases:

Both residential and commercial property owners have a duty to maintain their property to ensure the safety of anyone who enters. If you have been injured, you deserve maximum compensation for your injuries. Contact us to pursue your claim.

Our attorneys are skilled in negotiation and will seek to recover the most substantial settlement in your case. In the event that we do not redeem a settlement in your favor, we are not afraid to take any case to trial. Our team of courtroom trial attorneys are trained and gifted in the art of argumentation and bring to bear their years of experience to get the best possible outcome in every case.

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