Pursuing Just Compensation For Your On-The-Job Injury

Throughout the Hudson Valley and the state of New York, people suffer work injuries every day. When those injuries are severe or permanently disabling, these injuries cause an incredible amount of personal stress and financial strain. Unfortunately, many people believe workers’ compensation is the only possible source of financial recovery when, in fact, the negligence of someone other than the employer may justify separate legal action.

Workers’ compensation insurance is one essential resource for workers. However, a specialized workers’ compensation lawyer may not recognize and follow through on the possibility of a more valuable third-party claim for damages — one that holds a negligent contractor or subcontractor accountable for a serious work accident. At Larkin Ingrassia, PLLC, we stand ready to investigate and analyze your case from this critical perspective.

Dangerous Machinery And Equipment Put Workers At Risk

Our skilled, trial-proven lawyers have represented numerous people who were seriously injured or whose families lost a loved one due to construction accidents. We have also taken action for many workers and families after falls from scaffolding and ladders. We know that virtually any industrial or service job exposes workers to serious injury, and that many accidents are caused by contractors, subcontractors and others responsible for operating, providing and maintaining equipment such as:

  • Conveyor belts
  • Forklifts
  • Safety harnesses and other vital protective gear
  • Trucks, loaders, earth movers and other construction vehicles

Get The Caring, Comprehensive Legal Counsel You Need After An Accident

We take pride in our reputation as a genuinely people-focused, full-service law firm people can depend upon for honest, insightful counsel and hard-driving legal action. If workers’ compensation benefits are the only viable resource for you in this difficult time, we will tell you just that — but we are absolutely ready to investigate and consider all the angles first.

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If a severe work injury has disrupted your life and is creating worry about your future, call us at 845-566-5345 or send us an email to discuss your legal options. You will take no added financial risk, since we charge no attorney fees in personal injury cases unless we take action and win compensation for you. We have convenient office locations in Newburgh, Middletown, and Kingston, New York. Se habla español