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The Depuy Orthopaedics division of Johnson & Johnson has recalled an often used hip replacement implant. The implant in question is the ASR XL Acetabular System, an artificial hip socket used in traditional hip replacements. It was used worldwide for some time and studies indicate the ASR implant has a significantly higher early failure rate then other manufacturer’s devices.

Hip Implant Was Reported For Early Failure

The FDA cleared the ASR implant in 2005 for use in traditional hip replacements. The device was cleared in a manner that did not require it to undergo clinical trials because it was claimed that it was substantially similar to other implants already on the market. However, the FDA began to receive complaints about the early failures soon after, and Johnson & Johnson warned American orthopedists as early as March 2010 of the higher failure rate, but only issued the recall in August 2010.

Metal-On-Metal Bearings Believed To Cause Inflammation And Tissue Damage

The ASR implant has what are known as “metal on metal” bearings. and some experts believe the metallic debris caused by metal on metal friction causes inflammation and tissue damage in some patients. Other specialists are of the opinion that the ASR implant contains a design defect that makes it difficult for an orthopedic surgeon to implant properly.

As a result of these problems, data indicates that approximately 13 percent of patients who received the ASR implant needed to have revision surgery.

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