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Being indicted for or charged with a federal crime is usually just the tip of the iceberg. In most cases, a lengthy and detailed investigation already has been completed before criminal proceedings officially begin.

Whether you have been charged with a federal crime, or you have been notified that a federal prosecutor, law enforcement agency or other government authority would like to speak with you — it is important that you speak to an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

At Larkin Ingrassia, PLLC, you will find decades of federal criminal defense experience, a team approach that enables you to benefit from all our knowledge, knowledgeable resources and dedicated professionals who have proven their ability to try these cases successfully.

Having an attorney who is skilled at mitigating damages in the federal system can be as valuable as having one who can keep you out of jail. At Larkin Ingrassia, PLLC, you will have both. Call or contact us today.

Our lawyers represent individuals facing federal criminal charges throughout the state of New York. Our experience defending clients charged with specific federal crimes includes:

Protecting Your Best Interests Throughout Your Case

A conviction of any type of federal criminal charge can have a wide range of severe consequences, including lengthy prison terms, excessive fines and asset forfeiture. We understand what is at stake for you, and we will fight to protect your interests by challenging the government’s case at every opportunity. We also understand that getting charges dropped or winning an acquittal at trial is not always realistic, and we work to resolve such situations quickly, discreetly and to our clients’ ultimate benefit through the negotiation of favorable plea agreements.

Let Us Fight For You

If you have been charged with a federal crime or believe that you may be the subject of a federal investigation — do not hesitate to contact a lawyer at Larkin Ingrassia, PLLC for a free criminal defense consultation. Call us at 845-566-5345. Our firm maintains three office locations in Orange and Ulster Counties County, including our main office conveniently located just three minutes from the Newburgh Beacon Bridge on Interstate I-84.

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