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Although a conviction on a drug charge can still have a tremendously negative impact on your life for years to come, the harshness of New York’s old drug laws have given way to new laws that give judges discretion to do more than just sentence people to prison for a very long time.At Larkin Ingrassia, PLLC, our defense attorneys can provide the strong voice needed to protect your rights and obtain the best possible result for you. Our team of attorneys has decades of combined legal experience to offer and a proven track record of outstanding results in both felony and misdemeanor drug cases.

Do not believe it when a police officer or prosecutor tells you that you don’t have a chance, or that you might as well cooperate and give them a statement if you want any leniency at all. Talk to an experienced drug crimes defense lawyer from Larkin Ingrassia, PLLC first. For a free drug crimes consultation, call us directly at 845-566-5345 or send an email.

Our attorneys provide drug crimes defense for clients throughout the state of New York. We have successfully defended individuals charged with drug offenses of all types, including:

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If you think you have no defense, think again. Police may violate the rights of suspects by illegally searching and seizing evidence in violation of the Fourth Amendment. Probable cause, or more correctly, the lack of it is an issue in many cases as well — due to police profiling and to a general reliance on tips provided by confidential informants whose credibility can be challenged. Drug cases can also be effectively defended on issues surrounding actual vs. constructive possession.

Whatever the facts and circumstances, you can trust that our attorneys will explore every possible avenue of defense. We also handle criminal appeals of drug convictions.

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