Cyber Crime Lawyer

Arrests for internet crimes are on the rise nationwide. Both federal agencies and local law enforcement are more aware and willing to prosecute these cases. If you were targeted for investigation and stand accused of sex-related or financial computer crimes, lawyers who can help are one call away.

Most online crime convictions come with severe, life-altering consequences, and a resourceful defense by an attorney who combines legal and technical knowledge may prove critical. At Larkin Ingrassia, PLLC, your case may benefit from the cohesive efforts of four criminal defense lawyers, each bringing unique skills and perspective.

We will listen to all the circumstances leading to your arrest, as well as your particular situation and priorities. Then we will use this knowledge to build the best possible defense against charges like:

  • Possession of child pornography or other offenses involving solicitation, stalking or luring a minor
  • Identity theft, fraud using a computer or participation in an online scam
  • Workplace or white collar crimes such as embezzlement

We Are Skilled Veterans Of State And Federal Court Trials

Our legal team has experience in federal court, where many Internet crime cases are handled and very specific procedures and requirements apply. Whatever the precise circumstances of your arrest and the charges against you, we will:

  • Immediately launch an investigation to preserve evidence, contact witnesses and work toward an effective defense strategy for you
  • Work closely with you through the decision-making process that may involve opting for negotiation with prosecutors or seeking an acquittal at trial in state or federal court
  • Remain responsive and accessible to you and your family through every phase of your challenge

Let Us Work Toward Your Goals

Your may want to avoid jail, protect your reputation and employment prospects or preserve your family interests. You can depend on practical, skilled legal counsel when you call us at 845-566-5345 or email our firm.

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