Getting Your Record Expunged In New York

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.While the penalties for a criminal conviction can be devastating, a convicted individual can face far more life-changing ramifications. Tangible penalties — jail time, fines, community service, loss of driving privileges — can pale in comparison to the effects of having a criminal record. If you or a loved one was convicted of a crime, you need experienced lawyers on your side.

With offices in both Newburgh and Middletown, Larkin Ingrassia, PLLC, is prepared to guide clients through complex legal dilemmas. In a world where employers, institutions of higher learning and lenders have access to all facets of your history, it has become vitally important to maintain a clean criminal record whenever possible. Our attorneys have more than 200 years of combined experience, and we are prepared to answer even the most challenging legal questions.

Not All Crimes Can Be Expunged

Even if you were not convicted of a crime, an official record of your arrest is created and kept in Albany. Expungement is the process by which a criminal record is erased. Not all crimes can be removed from a criminal record, however. In New York state, a conviction for DWI cannot be expunged. However, if you were acquitted or the case was dismissed, it might be possible to expunge the record.

Our law firm focuses a significant amount of resources to protecting clients from the full force of the criminal justice system. Whether we are aggressively defending them in court, or fighting to seal a criminal record, clients rely on us to limit their exposure to devastating consequences. A successful expungement can depend on numerous factors. Contact us immediately to learn more about how we can help.

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