An Understanding Of The Unique Challenges Of A Military Divorce

We understand the sacrifices and life challenges faced by men and women serving our country and the unfortunate toll on many military families. Our dedicated family law attorneys are here to provide compassionate, practical legal counsel informed by substantial experience with military divorce.

If you or your spouse is serving in the military, and you are considering divorce or involved in another type of family dispute, you need skilled legal counsel that understands your unique concerns. At Larkin Ingrassia, LLP, we know how to address:

  • Availability of stays against legal action if you are on active military duty, providing time for you to make crucial decisions and organize your response
  • Complex child custody and parenting time arrangements that may be necessary in a military divorce case
  • Ensuring protection of all your interests in current and future military benefits
  • Paternity disputes, domestic violence allegations and a full range of other specific circumstances

Informed Legal Guidance For Military Personnel And Military Spouses

Our proximity to the United States Military Academy at West Point, Stewart Air National Guard Base and other government facilities has advanced our experience in complex issues that can arise in a military divorce. We have worked with enlisted personnel and with high-ranking officers, providing comprehensive counsel and representation.

Focused On Your Best Interests, But Unafraid Of A Fight

As in any family law dispute, we will actively pursue negotiation and compromise to resolve problems amicably, avoiding unnecessary costs. If litigation is needed, however, our defense of your rights will be vigorous and resourceful.

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