Spousal Support Lawyer Services

Assumptions about spousal maintenance, sometimes called alimony or spousal support, may be way off base. The importance of assessing future financial needs and what is fair in a divorce cannot be overstated — and the many complexities of a high-net-worth divorce call for in-depth attention.

You will find the legal and financial strength you need at our respected New York firm, Larkin Ingrassia, LLP. We work closely with our clients and can readily call upon forensic accountants and other financial experts if needed to obtain a clear, accurate picture of assets, income and expenses.

Providing Research And Strategy For Your Spousal Maintenance Case

Court orders for spousal maintenance are far from automatic, and we may need to build your case for obtaining one — or avoiding an unjust and unnecessary obligation — strategically. As in other family law matters, we work assertively toward amicable settlement of all issues, but have the trial experience to litigate any critical issue on your behalf.

Whatever the issues in your specific divorce or other dispute, we can offer sound guidance and representation. Our lawyers are experienced with all aspects of complex property division and the financial analysis needed for alimony and child support needs, including:

  • Enforcing or challenging prenuptial agreements
  • Obtaining accurate valuations of businesses and professional practices
  • Exposing hidden income and assets
  • Dividing investment accounts

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