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Travel safe and avoid a DUI this football season

It’s football season! Fans across the nation have been anxiously for the National Football League to host the first official games of 2016 – and they were not disappointed. Week 1 kicked off with a bang, resulting in four games that were decided by just one point.

Giants and Jets fans both found themselves in one of those four nail biters. Those of you who cheer for the Giants watched your team take the win, while Jets fans had their hearts broken. If you plan to catch a match live this season, a W isn’t the only thing you should be concerned over.

Our two New York teams have shared MetLife Stadium for a few years now. The irony is not lost on fans of either team: the stadium is located in New Jersey. That is a long haul from Newburgh, which means many people are going to drive to the stadium. What happens to New York Residents who are pulled over for DUI in New Jersey?

The Interstate Compact is a big word for “state police departments talk”

From tailgating to post-game celebrations, alcohol is a big part of game day. There is nothing wrong with drinking a few beers or some wine, but don’t be surprised when police officers are stationed outside the stadium.

Let’s say you are one of the unlucky ones who gets stopped. The officer asks you to submit to a breath test and you comply. The test registers a .082, just above the legal limit. The end result? You get convicted of a DUI in a New Jersey Court.

How does the Interstate Compact or the Driver’s License Compact affect your situation? As member states, New Jersey officials will report the conviction to New York officials. Not only will you face the consequences of the New Jersey DWI/DUI, but you could face additional consequences in New York.

No, double jeopardy doesn’t apply

You might be thinking at this point whether double jeopardy applies. You can’t be convicted of the same offense, twice, right? Well, you are right there. You cannot be convicted of DWI/DUI in New York for your New Jersey stop.

However, double jeopardy only applies to criminal proceedings. License suspensions are an administrative matter. The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles can still suspend or revoke your license for the DWI/DUI conviction.

The easiest way to avoid a sticky situation in two states is to make sure you have a sober ride home. Stay safe, avoid a drunk driving conviction and, “Go New York!”