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Simple possession charge? Not with drug-induced psychosis

You’re curious and young. You’ve heard about some recreational drugs out there that are cheap and give a great high, like bath salts or flakka. What would the possible repercussions be if you got caught? Possibly just a simple possession charge or if you’re partying a little too loud, a drunk and disorderly. Nothing that you wouldn’t be able to work past with the right legal advice.

This all may be true to a point. A good defense attorney will be able to walk you through the twists and turns of the criminal court system. However, untested, designer or other street drugs can also come with a real downside. Reports have recently surfaced of users ending up facing homicide charges after their trip took a wrong turn.


In Florida, a young man high on the drug Flakka entered the garage of a pair of strangers and stabbed them while under the influence of the drug. After the brutal attack, police officers discovered him biting the face of the fallen man. The wife lay mangled in another part of the house while a neighbor who tried to stop the assault suffered more knife wounds.

This might sound like a person who has something seriously wrong with them, but the assailant had no record of violence or even indications of any violent tendencies. When the police arrived, it took four of them and a police dog to arrest him. The young man was then sent to the hospital where doctors questioned if he would survive the effects of the drug.

Coma or worse

In this case, the prosecutors had to wait for the assailant to come out of his drug-induced mania before they could charge him with first-degree murder. Why first degree? Due to the viciousness of the crime, the D.A. felt that the charge fit the crime.

That’s right. This young man took a hit of the latest drug being shared at many schools across the country, went out to dinner with his respectable family, freaked out and committed a heinous crime, from which he may not recover physically or mentally. Even if he does, he is looking at spending the rest of his life in prison.

When you are thinking about trying out just a little of the latest drug, and are counting on the fact that you’ll be able to talk yourself out of the charge, consider what else might happen – as it has happened to others. Your criminal attorney will represent you, in either case, but they cannot help the health and safety consequences for yourself.

Please be careful when you consider experimenting with any drug.