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New York child custody: yes or no to collaborative arrangements

Choosing to divorce or call it quits on a relationship happens and that is okay. Sometimes, even though it can be difficult, it is simply for the best. For those who have children to consider, many may find that making post-relationship child care arrangements can be challenging. Thankfully, parents in New York and elsewhere have several options available to them when figuring out child custody.

When it comes to granting custody, the mother used to be given priority. This, however, is changing. More now than ever before, couples are seeking collaborative arrangements when it comes to custody orders. This is widely known as shared parenting, and several states are currently looking to make this type of custody arrangement the standard.

Shared parenting gives each parent equal time with their children — much like joint custody. This form of custody is slightly different, though, and requires each parent to be able to communicate and be flexible. If studies are to be believed, according to a recent study which involved 150,000 people, it was concluded that children in shared parenting arrangements experience less stress and better physical and mental health than compared to those placed in other custody situations.

Collaborative child custody arrangements are not easy to manage and may not be right for every family. For parents who do wish to have equal access and say in child rearing, this could be a great fit, however. Parents in New York can seek legal guidance to review all custody options and to tailor parenting plans that work best for their particular circumstances.

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