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Achieving desirable child custody arrangements may require help

Whether you are getting a divorce, splitting from a life partner or are a single parent, custody issues can seem overwhelming. Child custody arrangements can be difficult to negotiate, especially since the outcome will have a significant impact on children and the relationships they have with each parent. While some parents in New York are able to amicably agree on child custody, others may need a little help in order to achieve a desirable result.

Family circumstances vary, and a cookie cutter custody plan just is not realistic for most families. While a basic arrangement may be ordered for those who cannot come to agreeable terms right away, negotiating a plan that best fits your family’s needs is possible. This can be done with the help of an attorney, mediation service and/or in court.

Before a custody arrangement is approved in court, it must be determined that the best interests of the children involved have been fully considered. This takes precedence over anything else. Several factors are considered before finalizing a custody order including the parent/child relationship, living arrangements and overall stability offered by the schedule proposed.

Whether you are seeking full custody, joint custody, physical or legal custody or even vis itation rights, working through the process of achieving any of those goals can take time. Fighting about child custody is common and can be painful for everyone involved. However, parents in New York, with the help of an experienced family law attorney, can obtain a custody order that grants children the security they need and parents the time they desire with their kids.