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Albany County police recently received a call reporting that a tractor-trailer was driving very erratically on the interstate. Suspecting that the driver was drunk, police responded and caught up with the truck near Bethlehem. However, it turned out that this was no ordinary DWI.

Having undergone a sobriety test it was determined that, the driver had a blood alcohol level of .35 percent, which is more than eight times the legal limit for commercial drivers.

According to medical experts, a person with such a high blood alcohol level would suffer from nervous system failure, loss of bladder control and difficulty breathing. In order to achieve that kind of blood alcohol level, the driver would have needed to drink about 20 drinks over several hours.

Lt. Kerry Thompson of the Albany county Sheriff’s office told the Albany Times Union, “If we found someone on the street with that much to drink, we would immediately take them to the hospital.” “I don’t know how anyone could stand…at that point,” Thompson added.

Penalties for DWI

Like most other states, in New York, the blood alcohol limit for commercial drivers is lower than the limit for other drivers. The maximum level of blood alcohol for a commercial driver is .04, as opposed to the .08 limit for other drivers.

In addition to the lower blood alcohol level, the penalties for commercial drivers who drive drunk are more severe. For a first-time offense, drivers can lose their licenses for one year. If the driver is driving a truck requiring hazardous materials placards, the penalty is a three-year suspended license.

For a second conviction, drivers lose their licenses for ten years. If there are any more convictions, the license is suspended permanently.

Since the penalties threaten the livelihood of the driver, it is important for those charged with DWI to consult with an experienced DWI defense attorney. An attorney can investigate the charges and prepare an effective defense based on the circumstances of the arrest.

A truck driver is charged with a DWI by New York authorities, testing significantly over legal limits of blood-alcohol levels. This article is brought to you by Larkin Ingrassia, PLLC.

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