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After a week-long jury trial and another Firm Attorney obtained a not guilty verdict by an Orange County jury on a case where the client was accused of forcible rape, forcible sexual abuse, and unlawful imprisonment of an acquaintance. The judge dismissed the forcible sexual abuse charge based upon the senior assistant district attorney’s application, which was made after the defense made a similar application to the Court. The jury returned the not guilty verdict on the remaining two charges. Firm Attorney cross examination of the police witnesses and the complaining witness exposed numerous flaws, inconsistencies, and issues with the case, including issues related to the credibility of the complaining witness. This allowed him to successfully argue to the jury that the client was not guilty of the accusations against him. If he was convicted of the most serious charge, the client would have been facing up to twenty-five years in state prison.

We obtain a Not Guilty Verdict for our client who was accused of forcible rape, sexual abuse, and unlawful imprisonment. This article is brought to you by Larkin Ingrassia, PLLC.