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How do I prepare for a child custody hearing?

Divorce, once it goes final, does not typically mean you are done interacting with your spouse. In fact, it is just the beginning of a long relationship you will need to continue if you have children from the marriage. One event where you will need to prepare ahead of time is the child custody hearing. So, how do you prepare for the hearing?

The most important tip you can take to heart is understanding the child custody laws of New York. This is best done with the help of a family law attorney. This is not the type of case where you should represent yourself since it involves your children.

If you are going to ask for sole custody, make sure you know what the better parent standard is and what the judge wants to see. You will need to show the judge that you are the better parent for the child to live with based on various factors. Those factors include access to education, health care, living arrangements, access to other family members and more.

Speak with the attorney prior to the hearing to find out which documents you should bring. These could include child support payments, phone logs, vis itation schedules and more. You definitely want to be as prepared as possible for the hearing.

Do not show up late to your hearing as this will affect your chances negatively. Be sure you are dressed appropriately and prepared to argue your case in front of only a judge, not a judge and jury.

Heading for a child custody hearing in Newburgh can be stressful and emotional for all involved. An experienced family law attorney can answer all of your questions and make the process easier for you and your children.

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