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Relocating when a child custody order is involved

Change is just about the only constant thing in life. Sometimes opportunities fall into our laps, and other times we have to go in search of the things that will make our lives better. We no longer live in a world where what is best for us can always be found in our local community. Relocating is sometimes necessary, but making a move when a child custody order is involved can be difficult for parents, whether they reside in New York or elsewhere.

There are various reasons as to why one might need to move. Employment is often the biggest factor, but there are many other valid reasons to relocate. Unfortunately, making a big move can be hard on everyone involved, and the other parent may not consent if he or she believes it will negatively affected current custody arrangements.

Both parents, whether custodial, non-custodial or in a joint custody agreement, will have the opportunity to voice an opinion when a relocation request is submitted. The court will only modify a custody order for a relocation request if enough evidence is provided that shows the changes is consistent with the best interests of the affected children. To learn more about how relocation requests are handled and how an attorney can assist you in getting a custody order modification, please vis it our firm’s website.

Parents have to do what they believe is best for their personal circumstances and for their children. Unfortunately, sometimes that means possibly relocating. An experienced attorney can assist parents in New York as they work to find child custody arrangements that work with their life changes.