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Custody and visitation issues do not have to be a fight

While this is easier said than done, divorcing parents in New York and elsewhere should do all they can not to make custody and visitation issues a fight. Custody and visitation is important for parent-child relationships. When a constant battling is taking place, it is the children who suffer.

There are several things that divorced parents tend to struggle with when dealing with custody issues. These include fighting in front of children, using children as leverage, using children to communicate and losing one’s temper. Any of these things can create a hostile family environment.

When exes know that certain forms of communication simply do not work for them, it is okay to find other ways to discuss custody-related matters. For some, the best form of communication may be in written form — such as via text or email. This allows either parent to say what they need to say without it devolving into something mean and hateful. Of course, this does require setting ground rules for what is allowed and what is not allowed in these written conversations. Ground rules can actually be set for a number of custody-related matters, but they are especially important when it comes to how parents are going to communicate with each other.

When it comes to custody and visitation matters, it is possible for parents in New York to include very specific details of what is expected of each individual in custody arrangements. An experienced family law attorney can assist parents in making the ideal plan for their specific circumstances. These, of course, can be adjusted as needed.

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