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Complicated child custody cases require patience

When you and your former spouse agree to child custody, most spouses are thankful that the issue is finally behind them. Child custody can be a draining and emotional topic that greatly affects the splitting spouses. However, once this child custody agreement is behind them, that doesn’t mean that the issue is completely gone. In fact, there are many issues that can arise that will complicate your agreement.

A common life event is that someone gets a new job — and in the context of a child custody agreement, this can be especially tough. The parent may have to move, possibly even out of state, to fulfill his or her new position. This means that interstate complications can arise as the parents try to work out a child custody solution.

Any parents dealing with major life changes after a child custody agreement has been signed need to consult an attorney to ensure their interests are protected.

We thought about complex child custody situations after hearing the story of Sherri Shepherd, one of the co-hosts of “The View,” who recently won a child custody case while also battling through another child custody case.

The first case involved her 9-year-old son and her ex-husband. Her ex claimed that her job took priority over raising their son, so he filed a claim to obtain temporary physical custody over the charge. A judge denied the man’s claim.

In her other child custody case, Shepherd is having a baby via surrogate mother. However, Shepherd’s estranged husband is claiming that he should have primary custody of the child once it is born. Shepherd is contesting this notion.

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