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Newburgh Traffic Ticket and Arrest Data

Nestled on the Hudson River, Newburgh, New York, is rich with history. But besides being the site of the British surrender to Washington, it also holds another, less-than-stellar distinction. Newburgh has highest crime rate of any city in New York state. With a population of barely 29,000, high crime is a generational problem that Newburgh has been struggling to solve.

In 2009, Newburgh’s Police Department handled over 33,000 service calls and made more than 4,600 arrests. In September 2010, 239 arrests were made out of 2,606 service calls, and in October, 361 arrests were made out of 2,534 service calls. Given its present numbers, crime is on the decline. Still, drugs and assaults continue to top the offense list in Newburgh. In addition to criminal investigations, the police force has issued over 10,000 traffic tickets for the year, with 908 in the month of October alone.

Collaborative investigations with state and federal law enforcement agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and patrol plans may be the reason behind the drop in crime. Earlier this year, Newburgh police arrested 78 individuals that were allegedly affiliated with the Bloods and Latin Kings gangs in drug raids.

Acting Police Chief Michael Ferrera recognizes that one of the biggest obstacles for his department in its fight against crime is manpower. Budget cuts have forced him to take several officers off the streets. In an effort to solve various issues, the acting chief is seeking creative solutions, such as obtaining grant funding, that will help him increase patrols in the streets.

If you were arrested for a traffic, DWI or drug offense in Newburgh, contact an experienced local criminal defense lawyer for advice on your options.

Newburgh ranks first statewide for violent crime