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Everyone Can Learn From Coach’s Mistake

The resignation of Tim Welsh, Hofstra University’s new basketball coach, serves as a powerful reminder that DWI arrests can change lives in the blink of an eye. Welsh, who had been on the job for only a month, saw his career come to a screeching halt when he was arrested, according to The New York Times.

Fired by Providence College after coaching there for 10 years, Welsh had found a second chance with Hofstra University. Given a five-year contract worth more than $3 million, Welsh seemed set to begin a long tenure leading Hofstra’s basketball team. He tendered his resignation just a month after being hired.

According to reports, Welsh failed to proceed immediately at a green light; he’d spent some time earlier drinking at a wine bar in Nassau County. When police measured his blood alcohol level and found that it was more than twice the legal limit, they arrested him and charged Welsh with aggravated DWI. Welsh’s arrest comes at a time when Nassau County authorities have been taking a tough stance on drunken driving.

According to reports, Welsh was not involved in any accidents, nor did he inflict any injuries on occupants of other vehicles or pedestrians. After a night of drinking, he purportedly made the mistake of getting behind the wheel rather than calling a taxi or relying on a friend to drive him home, a mistake that cost him a $3 million contract and a future as Hofstra’s basketball coach.

If there is a lesson in Welsh’s dramatic fall, it is that a single DWI arrest can ruin anyone’s career, even if nobody else is hurt as a result of your actions. The consequences of being arrested for drunk driving are dire, even for wealthy and well-known members of society. No matter how much you make or what you do for a living, neither your career nor your reputation are safe after a DWI arrest.

If you have been arrested for DWI in New York, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to discuss your options. While every DWI prosecution is unique, hiring an attorney that knows how to effectively utilize the facts of your case can make all the difference.

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