Defending You Against Traffic Violations In New York State

When you receive a traffic ticket, you have a choice. You can pay the fine and mail the ticket in to the court listed on the back. Or, you can fight that ticket with the help of an experienced defense lawyer.The first option costs you a little less right now, but is guaranteed to cost you more in insurance premiums later. It also puts you just one or two more tickets away from losing your license. The second option costs a little more up front, but can give you the opportunity to avoid any negative consequences at all. In fact, the worst that can happen if you fight the ticket is that you end up with the same consequences you would have suffered by paying the ticket.At Larkin Ingrassia, PLLC, we have had extensive experience and success challenging citations in traffic courts throughout Orange and Ulster Counties County and the surrounding portions of New York State.

If you were just passing through this area when you received your traffic ticket, we may be able to resolve the case without you having to return here and make a physical appearance in court. For a free traffic violation consultation, call 845-566-5345 or contact us online.

Our Firm Also Defends Out-Of-State Drivers

Our offices are located in Orange and Ulster Counties County, but our attorneys routinely represent local, out-of-town and out-of-state drivers in traffic courts in the surrounding areas of New York. We represent individuals ticketed on Interstates I-87 (NYS Thruway) and I-84, U.S. Route 9W, the Palisades Interstate Parkway, State Routes 6, 17 (86) and 59, and other roadways in the area.

To learn more about a specific type of moving violation or traffic ticket-related issue, please see the following pages:

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Concerned About How A Ticket May Affect Your Record? We Can Help.

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