Gun & Weapon Possession Defense Attorney

In New York, the legislature has chosen to respond to the threat of violent crime by cracking down on the possession and use of dangerous weapons. If you have been charged with a weapons offense, you could be facing some very serious criminal consequences.

At Larkin Ingrassia, PLLC, our experienced lawyers are dedicated to protecting the rights of people who have been charged with unlicensed firearm possession, carrying a concealed weapon and other weapons offenses.

Representing Clients Accused Of Unlicensed Possession And Related Charges

New York’s gun laws are much tougher than most other states in the region, and recent amendments to the Penal Law have made the punishments tougher. It is illegal to be in possession of an unlicensed, loaded firearm outside of your home or place of business.

If you have been charged with unlicensed loaded firearm possession outside your residence in New York, you are facing a mandatory minimum prison sentence of three and a half years if convicted.

Building Your Defense Against Weapons Charges

In some cases, our attorneys are able to get the prosecutors to agree to plea bargains, so our clients can avoid harsh consequences. For instance, if you have a firearm license from another state, the prosecutors may be prepared to take that into account.

In other cases, it is necessary to go to court and defend our clients against these serious charges. In part, this is based on fighting to prevent weapons that were obtained through illegal searches and seizures from being used against our clients in court. Our attorneys are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to make sure our clients have the best possible defense against weapons charges.

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