Your case matters. We commit our full resources and attention to a successful result.

Were you charged with a crime?

Criminal charges are no joke. A single conviction can set your life on an entirely different course than you planned. We are not just talking about criminal consequences such as heavy fines or jail time.

We are talking about being fired from work, being turned down for new jobs, becoming ineligible for loans, having your housing application denied or being seen as a “criminal” by neighbors or amongst parents at your child’s school.

Yes, the attorney you choose to defend against the charges matters. How do you choose the right one? Find one who knows how to get the job done, treats you with respect and makes you feel heard.

Great criminal defense representation takes heart, skill and experience

We offer free initial consultations in all criminal defense matters, because we don’t think you should make such an important decision as choosing your attorney sight unseen.

Meet with us first. You’ll find that our attorneys at Larkin Ingrassia, PLLC have all of the qualities you need and deserve.