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How much does a DUI cost you in New York?

Many people in New York know that a DWI conviction comes with some serious penalties. New York authorities are very tough on drunk driving, and as a result a conviction for a DWI can result in a suspended driver’s license, house arrest, drug and alcohol rehabilitation and even jail time, among other sentencing options.

One thing that many people might not realize is that a DWI conviction also comes at a very high cost. There are numerous fines and fees associated with DWIs that many New Yorkers may not be aware of.

According to CarInsurance.com, a first-time drunk driving conviction can burn a $10,000 hole in your pocket. This is because bail, court fees, towing and impound fees, fines, DWI classes, license reinstatement fees and legal fees all add up. A large chunk of this amount may be due to increased insurance premiums. While the exact amount that your insurance will go up after a DWI depends on a few factors, insurance premiums rise by 19 percent on average after a drunk driving conviction.

Unfortunately, for some people a DWI can also affect their livelihood. This might be true if your job involves driving. Many employers of professional drivers have zero-tolerance DWI policies. Those who are in public service or in the public eye might also feel career consequences. Additionally, many people find it difficult to take time off work for court dates and drug and alcohol rehabilitation classes related to a DWI.

The financial cost of a DWI in New York is just one reason to work to avoid a conviction when possible. Depending on the circumstances of a drunk driving arrest, it may be a wise decision to fight DWI charges in court. In other cases, however, it may be possible to actually have the charges reduced or even dismissed. And, in other cases, negotiating a plea deal may be the best way to resolve the case.

Those who are facing DWI charges may benefit from seeking the counsel of a drunk driving criminal defense attorney in order to select the best possible defense strategy.

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