We Understand Establishing Child Support Is Crucial To Your Financial Future

Figuring out child support rights and obligations is critical for many divorcing parents. Splitting a household inevitably increases expenses. Planning for life after divorce involves understanding your financial information, so you can create a budget.

Our lawyers understand New York laws, and our mission in every family law case is to address your financial best interests, as well as personal priorities. We are familiar with all factors that may influence the child support amount you pay or receive, including:

  • Number of children
  • Your child custody arrangement
  • Both parents’ incomes
  • Special needs of children and circumstances involving high or additional income

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Let Our Knowledgeable Attorneys Assist You

Whether you are focused on protecting your legal rights or believe critical issues in your divorce may be hotly contested, we can provide clear, balanced legal counsel. We can help you sort out all important issues in your case and ensure you are treated fairly when it comes to child support orders and other outcomes that will impact your future.

Our familiarity with New York child support matters extends to representation on both sides of paternity cases, as well as seeking justified post-divorce modifications of support orders. We know and can pursue your legal options for enforcement of orders as well.

Here To Guide You Through Any Family Law Challenge Or Dispute

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