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TH-Record, Heather Yakin 01/23/11

Dissolving a marriage hasn’t gotten easier in the 29 years since Tammy Wynette sang about D-I-V-O-R-C-E. And in these tricky financial times, it may be harder.

Splitting couples have to deal with the emotional turmoil of the break-up, but they’ve also got to juggle the costs of divorce and the expenses of living separate lives.

“It’s basically going from having two incomes and sharing one roof to having one income and sharing two roofs,” said Milana Tepermayster, an associate attorney at Larkin, Ingrassia & Tepermayster, LLP. “It’s very financially difficult and draining for both parties.”

When one party has little or no income, there can be real hardships. “I had one client who applied for HEAP,” the state heating assistance program, said Tepermayster.

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