Savvy Analysis Of Your Property Division Concerns

You may be concerned about your substantial assets, the possession of your home or other core valuables. Regardless, your financial life after divorce must be given serious consideration. Presenting an accurate picture of family finances to the court may present a complex challenge, and having an experienced lawyer to represent your interests is essential.

At Larkin Ingrassia, LLP, we provide focused, full-service counsel on divorce and family law issues. Our legal team is prepared to address key issues in your case, including:

  • Ensuring fair distribution of marital assets such as equity in the family home, vehicles, bank accounts and retirement savings
  • Protecting your interests in marital debt distribution
  • Establishing your ownership of property that should be treated as separate assets
  • Obtaining accurate valuations of real estate, investments and other property subject to distribution in divorce
  • Negotiating favorable settlements when cases call for division of complex assets, including ownership interests in a family-owned business or professional practice
  • Interpretation, application and any potential challenges to a prenuptial agreement

Seasoned Lawyers Focused On Your Financial Future

We have represented men and women across the cultural spectrum in their quest for the best possible outcomes in Hudson Valley divorce cases. A clear strength of our practice is our proven ability to negotiate amicable settlements of complex issues — and yet we stand ready for litigation of any and all matters critical to our clients’ well-being.

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