Advocating For You In Paternity Cases

Paternity claims can have critical, permanent financial implications as well as life-changing personal ones. The handling of concerns and disputes in this area of family law calls for experienced counsel.

Whether you need answers available through paternity testing or want to explore all legal options in a paternity matter, you can turn to our Hudson Valley firm. We are committed to providing comprehensive, results-oriented legal services with compassion and respect.

Our practice is informed and balanced, focused on children’s and parents’ best interests. We can offer counsel and representation if you are:

  • A woman who wants to establish fatherhood for your child and obtain child support
  • A man seeking answers about biological fatherhood, often for the purposes of establishing contact with a child
  • A parent seeking legal termination of paternity for a range of reasons

Clear Guidance Through Every Phase Of Your Case

We strive to help our clients make confident decisions by clearly explaining legal processes and potential outcomes. Our paternity lawyers can explain the components of your case, including consent, DNA testing procedures and any necessary family court proceedings. You can depend on a common-sense, practical approach that emphasizes efficiency and cost control, as well as achievement of a positive outcome for you.

Whatever the emotional and financial components of your paternity case, you can turn to our firm for a consultation focused on clarifying your legal options and personal goals.

We Are Here To Fight For Your Rights

To discuss your paternity case, email us or call us at 845-566-5345. We have convenient office locations in Newburgh, Middletown, and Kingston, New York. Se habla español.