Addressing Restraining Orders And Other Domestic Violence Issues

Allegations of domestic violence and other issues can arise in divorce cases. If your case involves an order for protection against you or your need for such an order, you may need counsel from a law firm proven in handling both criminal and family law concerns.

Consequences and potential outcomes of cases involving any allegations of domestic violence are not always well understood. Our experience at Larkin Ingrassia, LLP, extends across the spectrum of:

  • Domestic violence allegations and their implications on divorce outcomes, child custody orders and other family considerations — as well as criminal consequences
  • Granting and contesting orders of protection — sometimes called restraining orders
  • Defense of individuals accused of violation of an order of protection

Representing Your Interests And Defending Your Future

We know New York laws and have experience in a wide range of family court cases. At a time when you need legal guidance you can trust, whether for protection of your safety or defense against false allegations, our lawyers offer a clear commitment to providing the information you need.

We take action for our clients, defend their rights and interests and stand ready to litigate in any court when necessary.

Let Us Stand Up For You

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