Child Custody Lawyer Services

What will happen with children is often a major point of contention in many divorce cases. You may be anticipating a dispute over custody rights, or your concerns may involve getting parenting time and keeping you closely involved with your children’s lives. You could also be facing problems with enforcement of your custody rights after a divorce.

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Balancing Children’s And Parents’ Interests

In any such situation, you can turn to our divorce and child custody lawyers for trustworthy counsel. We will work to understand your concerns, find the best path to resolution, offer clear explanations of your rights and let you know the choices available, including:

  • Physical custody of children for you as either a mother or father, or joint custody that divides children’s time between two residences
  • Decision-making rights about issues that impact your children’s education, health and welfare
  • The visitation/parenting time schedule that provides you with the contact and influence you want, while serving children’s best interests

Practical Counsel And Representation You Can Trust

In this stressful and pivotal time, you may need practical counsel that addresses your financial future, as well as family relationships. Our role as a full-service family law firm is to address concerns about property distribution, child support and spousal maintenance alongside those centered on child custody. We are prepared to negotiate assertively on your behalf or litigate your case in pursuit of your targeted result.

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