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What happens if child support is not paid in New York?

A child support order is a legally binding document that requires the payment of a specified amount of money to a custodial parent or guardian. This money is typically used to help care for a child when it comes to buying food, clothing, shelter, and much more. There are also mandatory additional payments, known as child support add-ons, that provide for payment of a child’s health insurance premiums, unreimbursed or uncovered health expenses, child care expenses, and educational expenses. So, what happens when child support is not paid in New York?

It is a good idea for anyone who owes child support to pay it from the start. When payments are not made, they begin to pile up and add onto the current and future payments required, becoming child support arrears. All of the money a person owes in child support is tracked and reported by the New York Child Support Enforcement Agency.

The Child Support Enforcement Agency can enforce a range of different methods to acquire the money you owe to the custodial parent or guardian of your child. These methods include but are not limited to confiscating your tax refund, garnishing your wages, suspending your driver’s license or other professional licenses, garnishing your bank account, taking your winnings from the lottery, and notifying the credit agencies about the debt.

Any person who has failed to pay the required child support named in an order will be notified by mail prior to any acquis ition method being enacted. The notice that comes in the mail will provide the debtor with steps to prevent this from happening, which usually involves making payments.

Has your child’s parent failed to pay child support? Are you in need of back child support payments? An experienced family law attorney can answer all of your New York child support questions and help you receive the money you deserve.


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