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How to balance dating and a child custody arrangement

Getting divorced is difficult in and of itself. Once the divorce goes final, you then have to come to an agreement on child custody. Maybe you are going to co-parent. Maybe you will be the primary custodian of the children. Maybe you will receive vis itation rights based on your work schedule. Now add in the fact that you are ready to start dating again. Here are some tips for balancing dating and a child custody arrangement.

Once the divorce goes final, it takes quite some time for parents, especially those who are co-parenting, to get into a rhythm with their new schedule. The best advice out there is to prolong dating until you are able to acclimate yourself to the new schedule. You will set yourself up for problems if you keep adding to a schedule you are not comfortable with just yet.

If you decide that now is the time to start dating again, consider having a discussion with your former spouse. It’s only fair to let them know you are planning to date so it doesn’t seem as if you are trying to hide it from them. Letting them know ahead of time, especially if the two of you are still on speaking terms, could lead to some help along the way with the schedule.

Consider the legal ramifications of dating while being a co-parent for your children. You will want to cover yourself so your former spouse does not try to acquire sole custody of the children due to your dating.

Are you divorced and in the midst of a child custody arrangement? Are you ready to start dating again? If so, contact our firm to discuss your options and how you can protect yourself legally in New York with your new situation.