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Biggest causes of divorce in New York

Divorce happens more often than many people think these days and the reasons behind it vary with each case. For some, the marriage simply came to an end. For others, there were a variety of factors that played into the couple divorcing. Here are some of the biggest causes of divorce in New York.

One of the biggest causes of divorce is when the couple stops talking about their problems. Problems will occur during a marriage. It’s how the couple responds to those problems that deems how successful the marriage can be. Couples that fail to talk about problems will soon learn that a minor problem will cause an explosion.

Facebook has become a problem for various people when it comes to losing jobs or alienating family. But, some couples are getting divorced these days because of their spouse reconnecting with an old flame using the social media site. It’s quite easy to find those you went to school with or grew up with using Facebook.

Couples that experience a lack of sex, and ultimately a lack of intimacy, have seen their marriages end in divorce. This is a big proponent of divorce. Life has become insanely busy for people these days between kids, school, work, sports, the gym and more.

A common complaint of many couples headed for divorce is that they feel like their spouse is more of a roommate than their spouse. When intimacy disappears, so does the desire to talk or connect on a deeper level. These couples typically do not spend a lot of time interaction with each other.

When one spouse feels taken for granted in the marriage, this becomes a culprit for divorce. Once a couple gets married, the courting and flattery ends for most. This can lead to resentment among other feelings.

Headed for divorce in Newburgh? It can be a scary, stressful and downright emotional time in your life. Speak with an experienced family law attorney about your situation and the route you want to take with your marriage.

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