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Social media posts could affect your divorce case

Social media can be fun, and help people stay in touch with family and friends, but it can also be the downfall for plenty of others. Social media can become a detriment to your divorce case. Those involved in a divorce should mind what they post on their social media accounts because the posts could affect the outcome.

One of the most important things you should do is block your ex on all of your social media accounts. This will prevent your ex from seeing your posts and interacting with you. We all know how posts on social media can get out of control. This can be prevented by blocking your former spouse. Consider blocking, or limiting access, of some family member and friends who sympathize with your former spouse.  Also, carefully consider the content of your postings as they may have adverse ramifications later on.

Avoid bragging on social media about your divorce. This includes bragging about what you won in the divorce, or what you are looking to acquire in the divorce if it has yet to go final. Checking-in at places on social media is also another no-no during a divorce. Your former spouse, and even the judge, might not take too kindly to any of this.

Consider your children when posting on social media. Your social media posts could cause you a lot of problems during a child custody case that is part of the divorce.

Refrain from creating an online dating profile and do not post pictures or videos of any expensive vacations you have taken recently with anyone other than your former spouse.

All of your emails, text messages and social media posts are admissible in court. This means they can be used as evidence in a divorce case. You should think twice before posting to social media during a divorce case, and even shortly after it goes final, to avoid any issues with the divorce.

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