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Child support case of Mets’ Jose Reyes involves ‘double life’

A child support case involving New York Mets’ infielder Jose Reyes has taken a turn to involve an alleged “double life,” according to the baseball player’s former alleged paramour. The woman claims that the Met kept a secret family on the road, which was her and their child, while he had a family at home.

Reyes’ paramour said she and their daughter were the road family and that all she wanted was for Reyes to be a father to their daughter. Reyes has three children with his wife, whom he married in 2008. The relationship ended 2015 when Reyes was charged with domestic violence involving his wife.

The mistress recently filed a case to have her monthly child support payments increased from $11,500 to $41,000. The request was denied by a judge in Nassau County, New York. The mistress wanted the increase in the child support payment because she claims she put her singing career on hold to raise the couple’s child.

Reyes’ mistress claims that payments were always made, but they became smaller in amount in 2015 when Reyes’ wife found out about the mistress and the child. The mistress claims the only income from Reyes is a rental property she was gifted by Reyes. She had also been given trips around the world and a new Mercedes-Benz each year.

The mistress also claims that she and Reyes were romantically involved prior to him getting married and that she had no idea she was the so-called “other woman” in the picture. The mistress believes Reyes’ early season struggles are tied to the child support case and she hopes he can turn his fortunes around on the field.

Child support is a difficult issue for parents to discuss and agree on in any situation. Add in the fact that Reyes is a public figure and the pressure can mount immensely.

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