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Seeking appropriate avenues of support regarding child custody

New York parents typically want what is best for their children. However, complicated domestic issues sometimes make interpreting what is best difficult. Especially in situations regarding child custody, parenting time and child support, a parent may need to seek professional assistance in order to achieve positive results.

There are all sorts of appropriate avenues for obtaining help when facing challenges regarding family life and raising children after the parents end their relationship. Of course, one’s own relatives and close friends may provide emotional support and are often able to give advice appropriate to the circumstances. So, too, many concerned parents turn to ministers and church communities to help them seek clarity and solutions to their family problems.

Sometimes, a serious communication breakdown makes it nearly impossible to resolve issues pertaining to custody, vis itation or support without assistance from a skilled negotiator. Angry outbursts and other highly charged emotional exchanges often cause serious delays and impediments to achieving amicable agreements in or outside the courtroom. A family law attorney is often an experienced negotiator who may be able to help a parent work through complications in situations where The other parent refuses to cooperate.

Larkin, Ingrassia & Tepermmayster, LLP is prepared to represent you in all negotiations regarding child custody or other family-related matters in New York. We are also equipped and ready to aggressively litigate on your behalf when necessary. Our dedicated team of attorneys understands how important a court outcome can be to your family’s future, and we are committed to protecting the best interests of you and your children.