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When a custody dispute goes to far, police may get involved

A father in another state was forced to call law enforcement officers to step in after his daughter was taken by her grandmother, mother and some of their associates. This father had previously been awarded full custody of the child, though he allowed the mother vis itation rights. For those residing in New York or elsewhere, it is not uncommon for child custody arrangements to cause contention between parents and other family members. However, when a custody dispute does arise, there are appropriate avenues to deal with the issue.

According to reports, a father claims that his 11-year-old daughter was forcibly removed from his home by the child’s mother and several other individuals. The girl was placed in a vehicle which swiftly sped away from the scene. The father called authorities shortly after the incident, and with a description of the vehicle and names of those involved, police were able to quickly apprehend those responsible.

A total of five people were arrested and charged with interfering with a custody order. The grandmother claims that she and the other individuals were wrongly arrested and mistreated. However, local police are denying these accusations.

It is not uncommon for parents or other family members to make poor decisions during a custody dispute. These decisions can not only negatively affect the child, but they can have severe consequences on one’s rights as a parent. Those in New York who are struggling with their current child custody situations may have legal options available to them in order to address the issue. An experienced family law attorney can help parents seek modifications in an effort to achieve custody arrangements that are a better fit for everyone involved.

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