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When is the right time to file for divorce?

It is often said that timing is everything. When it comes to getting a divorce, though, is there a right time? For couples in New York and elsewhere, filing for divorce is a very personal decision, and the timing of it has to fit within one’s own particular circumstances.

While one can go through the dissolution of marriage process at any time, there are actually times of the year when divorce rates tend to spike. According to a study released by the University of Washington, more couples file for divorce in March and August. What is it about these months that lead so many couples to start the divorce process?

Researchers believe that holidays play a big part in when couples will choose to file for divorce. In March, winter holidays are done, children are still in school and spouses are looking to move forward with a fresh start to the year. In August, the reasons are kind of the same. Children are heading back to school, summer vacations are over and those ready to seek divorces are primed to get through the process before the winter holidays roll around again.

While there may be certain times of year that divorce rates are higher than others, the simple truth is, those desiring to dissolve their marriages can take the necessary steps whenever they feel it is best for their personal circumstances. This is different for everyone. When couples in New York or elsewhere do decide it is the right time for them to begin this process, legal counsel can assist each party in achieving settlements that suit their needs.

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