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Failure to pay child support can affect one’s credit

There are numerous non-custodial parents who struggle to meet their child support obligations. Sometimes, financially, it just seems impossible to keep up with the demand. For non-custodial parents in New York and elsewhere, it is important to know that the failure to pay child support can have extremely negative consequences — especially to one’s credit — which can only make money matters worse.

While non-custodial parents do the best they can to make sure that their children are receiving the monetary and emotional support they need, things happen which can make the financial aspects of supporting children rather difficult. When money is short, some may not see the harm in skipping payments, but those missed payments can make a difference in their personal lives and the lives of their children. Children may not get what they need during that month or months of low funds, and non-custodial parents’ personal credit can take a big hit, affecting their ability to obtain credit and loans.

According to reports, nationally, child support debt was listed at over $113 billion in the year 2015. That is a lot of children going without and quite a few parents negatively hurting their credit scores. What can non-custodial parents do, though, when times are tough?

Modifications can be sought to help non-custodial parents achieve child support orders that are more affordable. While requesting changes in child support will not always be granted, for those of whom who do qualify for this help, it can mean a world of difference. Non-custodial parents in New York who are struggling to pay child support do not need to go it alone. These individuals can seek legal assistance in fighting for support modifications that fit their current economic circumstances.

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