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Jail time possible for those who do not pay child support

In a nearby state, several people were recently arrested for falling behind on their child support payments. While this may seem extreme to some, others believe that it is the only way to get these parents to start meeting their support obligations. This is not something that is just done in other states. For child support-paying parents in New York, jail time is a possibility if payments are not provided.

It was recently reported that 10 men and two women in another state were taken into police custody for failure to pay child support. Collectively, these individuals are said to be nearly $80,000 behind on their payments. A total of 17 children are being affected by this lack of support.

Arresting parents who are behind on payments is not the first line of defense when it comes to enforcement options. However, when all else fails to produce desirable results, it is an option that can be pursued. Because of their arrests, each of these individuals is now due in court to make new payment arrangements.

Numerous individuals have been hit hard financially over the last several years, which is a big factor in some parents’ failures to make support payments. Unfortunately, according to the state, that is not a reason to not provide for one’s child. Child support-paying parents in New York or elsewhere can seek to have payments reduced in order to make them more affordable. A change in circumstances is a valid reason to request a modification, and, by making this request, one may be able to avoid potential jail time for failing to pay.

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