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New York family law: Getting or fighting orders of protection

Domestic violence is a serious matter, one that is not taken lightly by law enforcement authorities in New York or elsewhere. Along with all of the criminal law concerns that accompany the accusations of domestic violence, there are also a number of family law matters that also need to be addressed by victims and their alleged abusers. Getting or fighting orders of protection, for instance, may require some legal assistance.

Orders of protection, also known as restraining orders, are often granted to victims of domestic violence. These can be achieved by filing the appropriate documents in court. An order of protection prohibits an accused abuser from contacting or coming near the petitioner. If this type of order is violated, the individual accused of the violation may face criminal charges. If approved, protective orders are good for a set period of time.

There are two sides to every story. Whether you are placed in a position of getting or fighting an order of protection, you can seek help with your cause. To learn more about how an attorney may be able to assist with your situation, please vis it our firm’s website.

Orders of protections are available to those residing in New York for good reason. Victims of abuse should seek help in escaping such situations and in seeking protection. However, those falsely accused of such behavior also have the right to defend themselves and seek to preserve their family relationships. A family law attorney can assist you regardless of the side of the fence you find yourself sitting.