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New York family law: Paternity issues

There are various reasons as to why a paternity case may be filed in New York. These cases are generally initiated for two main reasons, though, which are mainly financial support and vis itation or custody rights. Establishing paternity is actually fairly easy, but getting child support or addressing custody or vis itation matters may require the assistance of a family law attorney.

Before parenting time or child support issues will be addressed in court, parentage must be legally established. This can be done by having a DNA blood test performed or by volunteering this information. If parentage is volunteered, custody and vis itation matters can be immediately addressed either in court or privately. If blood testing is required, paternity cases may take a little longer as getting final results can take some time.

There are also fathers who are presumed to be parents simply due to their relationships with mothers at the time children are born. If married, for example, it is automatically assumed that the husband is the father. The same is generally said if a couple is engaged or has been in a long-term relationship. Men in these positions can file paternity suits in order to fight presumed parentage.

Regardless of one’s reasons to pursue a paternity case, there are a lot of issues that may present themselves during the process. With the legal assistance of a family law attorney, mothers and fathers or potential fathers in New York can address any problems and get their cases resolved as quickly as possible. For the sake of everyone involved, especially the affected children, finding swift and appropriate resolutions would certainly be of benefit.

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