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New York family law: Help with separation agreements

When a marriage is not thriving, one or both spouses may start to consider divorce. Some, though, may not feel ready to take such a drastic step. For couples in New York who are not ready to pull the trigger and file for divorce, a legal separation may be the better route. An experienced family law attorney would be able to help with this matter.

Legal separation is like a divorce in many ways. Spouses will live apart, custody agreements are typically made and financial issues are addressed. This is, essentially, a trial divorce. Some couples may choose to do this without seeking legal assistance. Others, though, may find that drawing up separation agreements can help ensure each spouse holds up to his or her end of the arrangement.

A separation agreement can be very specific. As every familial situation is different, being able to customize this contract based upon the unique needs of a family is a great thing. More information about what can be included in separation agreements can be found on our firm’s website.

A legal separation can be emotionally draining and can lead to a number of arguments. Thankfully, couples in New York who are interested in separating do not have to figure it all out on their own. With the assistance of legal counsel, couples can draft contracts that protect the interests of all parties involved. If, after being separated, divorce is ultimately desired, a family law attorney can help couples with that process as well.