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How can I enforce a child custody order?

The issue of child custody is one that can cause quite a few problems between parents in New York and elsewhere. There are times when a non-custodial parent will not agree with what is ordered by the court. Unfortunately, it is not terribly uncommon for a non-custodial parent to defy a custody order, leaving the custodial parent to wonder: How can I enforce a child custody order?

A custody order is granted based on what the court believes is in the best interests of the child. Sadly, parents do not always agree or something may happen that causes them to ignore the court’s orders. When this occurs, the custodial parent can seek assistance in having his or her child or children returned to his or her care.

Sometimes, extraordinary measures are taken in order for this to be achieved. Police are, on occasion, asked to get involved and retrieve the child. Along with seeking assistance from authorities, custodial parents can seek help from the court as well. Petitions can be filed and hearings held to allow a judge to determine if changes to existing orders are necessary or if sanctions need to be imposed against the non-custodial parent.

This, of course, can go the other way, as well. Non-custodial parents can also seek assistance if custodial parents are refusing to grant ordered vis itation time. In either case, parents in New York do have options when needing help enforcing child custody orders. Legal assistance is available to help pursue any and all options, until the best custody arrangement is achieved.

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