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Addiction can complicate a divorce

While divorce is not easy under any circumstance, there are some things that can complicate it even further. For instance, dealing with a spouse’s addiction can have an affect on how a divorce agreement is written. Those in New York and elsewhere may need to seek assistance when considering divorce from an addict in order to ensure that their unique needs are met throughout the process.

Roughly 15 million Americans are thought to be addicted to something, including drugs and/or alcohol — among other things. It is estimated that about 1.2 million divorces occur nationwide on a yearly basis. Sadly, it is believed that addiction plays a role in quite a few of them.

Divorce is generally the last resort when dealing with a spouse’s addiction. Most couples will attempt therapy or seek other forms of help in order to stop the addiction before ending their marriages. This may work for some, but others may feel it is too late. Divorcing because of addiction can seem particularly heart-wrenching, but there are those for whom it will prove to be in their best interests.

Addiction can affect certain aspects of a divorce agreement. Custody, for instance, may not be granted to a parent who is struggling with this type of issue. He or she may be required to attend and keep up with rehabilitative efforts if he or she would like to spend time with children of the marriage. This is just one of many things that can be specified in a final agreement that will ensure the well being of all parties affected, including children, will be protected. Legal assistance is available to help those residing in New York who are dealing with this particular hardship achieve the best possible outcome for their unique situations.

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