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New York family law: Domestic Violence Awareness month

Domestic violence is a major cause for concern, in New York and across the country. It is believed that the rates of domestic violence are nearing crisis levels. What is being done about it, though? Legislators and activists are looking for ways to assist victims of such abuse. Along with that, family law attorneys are also able to offer services to those looking to free themselves from abusive relationships.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. On Oct. 3, an event is scheduled to take place at Harlem Hospital, which is intended to spread information about domestic violence and empower people to take action, either for themselves, their friends or their loved ones. A variety of speakers will be on hand, giving information about local services and offering messages about hope and healing.

It is believed that every nine seconds a woman in the United States is assaulted. A significant number of men and women are subjected to physical violence by their partners. Along with that, approximately one in 15 children are reportedly exposed to this violence in some form, either as victims themselves or as witnesses. Considering the population of the country, that is a huge amount of people that are suffering from this senseless abuse.

Many victims of domestic violence are often not willing to seek assistance without a significant push, as the unknown is, understandably, frightening. However, those in abusive relationships, whether they reside in New York or elsewhere, need to know that help is available. Domestic violence is a family law matter, and those who are ready to make changes and escape the abuse can seek legal assistance for obtaining orders of protection, filing for legal separations, handling child custody matters or even filing for divorce — if desired.

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