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Getting a divorce? Negotiating a fair settlement is possible

There are a lot of financial concerns that accompany the dissolution of marriage. It is not unreasonable for soon-to-be exes to want to walk away from the marriage with a fair divorce settlement. Unfortunately, many couples in New York and elsewhere may feel that getting a just settlement is not really a possibility. With the right help, though, it is possible for you to get a fair distribution of assets.

When going through a divorce, couples are supposed to supply a detailed inventory of assets. Having this list allows each spouse the ability to ensure everything is accounted for and to address any missing information. Hiding assets, though it does happen, is illegal and can only hurt the offending party down the line.

After a list of assets has been pulled together, legal assistance is available to help obtain proper valuations of property and to determine which — if any — assets are considered separate property. Further guidance may be offered regarding prenuptial agreements and potential challenges to such documents. To learn more about how an attorney can help with these specific issues, please vis it our New York Property Distribution Lawyers webpage.

Numerous couples in New York will deal with high asset or complex divorce cases. Regardless of how complicated one’s situation may be, an experienced attorney will be able to help sort out all of the details and help negotiate a settlement that is fair for the client. While it is not uncommon for a couple to want to finalize their divorce swiftly, this does not mean either party has to or should quickly accept a mediocre or unfair settlement that will hurt their future financial positions. Taking time to negotiate is important and will only prove beneficial when all is said and done.